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Published October 29, 2015

I’ve got some juicy new details for all you Naruto nuts out there regarding the upcoming Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. A new scan courtesy of ShonenGamez outlines a bunch of new details surrounding the adventure mode, DLC & timed events.

According to our source adventure mode will allow players to explore the world. You’ll have the option to travel between various villages such as the Hidden Leaf & Hidden Sand Villages. I’m sure they’re other villages you’ll have the option to frequent, but so far no confirmation on which ones. Adventure mode sounds interesting, but I pray they put some effort behind it. Revolutions “adventure mode” was terrible. Just a bunch of traveling around an island talking to random people about stuff I didn’t care for.

Other highlights from this scan include, there are special timed events where you have to take on Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin battles headed by Obito, Shikamaru, and Might Gai. What don’t I understand is what comes from these special timed events? Is there a prize for winning? If not, then it all seems pointless. The scan tells us we can also expect some DLC and a mission involving Naruto going to the Hidden Sand on behalf of Kakashi with some particular note.

What that all means for the story? I have no clue. Will have to wait and see when the game releases this February. Take a look at this latest scan for yourself.


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