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Published April 20, 2017

Twitch will soon be providing new options for you to support your favorite streamers. I’ve known about this for a week because they sent an email out to partners, but I didn’t share the info because they asked us not to. That didn’t stop one partner from leaking info online. Therefore the cat is out of the bag.

Twitch is introducing two new paid subscription tiers for viewers. The premium tiers will cost $9.99 & $24.99. That hike in price will help the streamer unlock more emotes to provide to their viewers. Here’s where things get dicey. I see a lot of people reporting on the price, but not explaining that $9.99 will get you two months of subscription and $24.99 will get you six months.

You’re not paying per month. You are prepaying for extra months instead of having your card charged $5 a month. It’s not that big of a deal. Twitch will also be introducing the option for viewers to gift a subscription to someone else.

“As we build this program, our goal is to provide partnered streamers with a better way to earn a steady income and to give viewers more options to support streamers on Twitch.”

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