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Published March 23, 2017

I saw this article and couldn’t do anything but shake my head. Internet cafes are very popular overseas and a lot of people go there to play games like League of Legends for hours. One player wasn’t so happy after losing a match.

Chines esports website Ifeng reported on how one man at an internet cafe raged at how his teammates were playing during a League of Legends match. He got so upset that he slammed his head into a computer monitor, and his head went through it! This takes the term ‘rage’ to a new level, as I have never seen someone successfully put their head through the monitor before…and I’ve seen some pretty bad hardware destruction before!

The workers at the cafe helped him get his head out of the monitor and we’re going to assume that he’s okay. I just hope he takes the time to evaluate how toxic he became to not only himself but everyone around him. Maybe go outside and do some leisurely activities!

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