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Published October 29, 2015

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. In mobile news; Titanfall aka the Xbox One’s savior¬†aka Titanflop aka Titanfall Asleep just got an exciting new story. The franchise is making that jump to the mobile platform. According to reports

“Respawn Entertainment is teaming up with free-to-play online game maker Nexon to bring the Titanfall franchise to mobile devices in 2016. The companies announced a “multi-game, multi-year” partnership today that will bring “several new and original” Titanfall games to Android and iOS platforms in the coming years.”

New studio¬†Particle City will be heading up this project with Respawn overseeing things. Particle City doesn’t have a track record, so we have no games to reference. That means will just have to hope this game is good. One thing I do know is don’t expect the FPS experience you got on Xbox One & PC to get ported to mobile. The developers claim to be working on an entirely new experience for mobile.

“We’re not of the view that you take a first-person shooter that’s great on a console and PC and just put it on mobile. You have to work with what the platform can do.”

Thanks to the increases in GPU power on mobile devices and robust networking technology, however, we can deliver a deep rich mobile experience

I think we have some interesting ideas, but I don’t know that we can talk about any of them yet.”

I’m curious to see how this all pans out. I couldn’t see the wall running mechanics working on mobile due to touch controls, but I also don’t want to see another tower defense title coming to IOS/Android with the selling point being Titans. Hard to tell where this one will go. Only time will tell.

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