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Published August 15, 2018

One of my favorite FPS titles back in the day was Timesplitters (more specifically TimeSplitters 2). The last title that came out was TimeSplitters: Future Perfect in 05′, and many thought the franchise was on its last leg after we saw nothing come from the tech demos in 07′. Today we received news that Koch Media just picked up the IP from THQ and will be under the publisher Deep Silver.

    Generally, whenever you pick up a specific franchise instead of an entire studio, you are planning on either continuing or bringing back the franchise itself. This is great news for me and other TimeSplitters fans back in the day. I don’t know how much hype and popularity it can get in this day and age, but it will be interesting to see what comes from this.

    In addition to TimeSplitters, Koch Media also picked up Second Sight which was also made by Free Radical Design and came out in 2004. Whatever they have in store for these two franchises, Koch Media and Deep Silver have me intrigued!



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