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Published February 22, 2017

The Snapchat Spectacles is the ULTIMATE people watching tool. They’re a pair of shades with a built camera that syncs to your phone & Snapchat account. This piece of tech allows you to vlog¬†without most knowing you’re even doing so. They were first tested on the beaches of California & they were so successful that Snapchat decided to sale them to the general public.

You can currently order a pair via their official website. They’re going for $129.99 and come in three different colors. Black, Coral & Teal. Just know that if you order a pair that it takes 2 – 4 weeks to be delivered. If you want to know how this piece of tech works, check out CNET’s preview video from a few months ago. I’m not going to lie, I might order a pair. This is the ULTIMATE tool for roasting people in public without their knowledge lmao.

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