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Published October 8, 2019

We all knew that the PS5 was coming soon, but now we have a more concrete window of when the next generation of the Sony gaming brand will come out. Get ready for the PS5 in 2020 for the holidays according to our source. Along with a new console, we will also see a new controller.

The new controller will have haptic feedback, instead of the classic rumble in previous controllers. Haptic feedback is designed to give you a different feel with what’s going on in the game (for example a character shooting a gun would feel different than a car crash). Also, the controller triggers for L2 and R2 will get updated to adaptive triggers.

The PS5 holiday window will be anywhere from October to December. We will absolutely get a hard date sometime next year, either at the next State of Play or E3 2020. Start saving your money now if you’re planning on getting one when it drops.

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