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Published December 1, 2015

Microsoft and Iron Galaxy have released the New and Improved Shadow Jago trailer. He will be available on Dec 4th if you purchased a Day One XBL card.  He will also be available for purchase from Dec. 18th thru Jan 15th.  Shadow Jago was able to become a REAL character and not just a clone of Jago. Shadow Jago has his own move set now and they look really good.  The Killer Instinct Community made this happen with the Killer Instinct Community Bundle.  So gratz to the players that really support their game.

Check out the Trailer So Much HYPE!!!!

Also enjoy these Screen Shots as well Shadow Jago is Something else!

01_shadowjagonew02 01_shadowjagonew04 01_shadowjagonew03 01_shadowjagonew05 01_shadowjagonew06 01_shadowjagonew01



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