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Published July 1, 2015

Nintendo’s recent release of Splatoon, a third person shooter with a painting twist, has received serious feedback from the community for their lack of voice chat. Nintendo’s reason for the lack of a standard feature in most of today’s games is that they want to remove the threat of online bullying and trash talking. Nintendo wants to keep it’s kid and family friendly appearance intact and thats all good and fine, but if you want to be like the cool kids and verbally abuse the people you’re playing with, this mod may be for you! This is a mod for the free-to-play hat trade simulator game known as “Team Fortress 2” on steam. Thanks to this game created by Valve and this mod created by DrLilRobot you can now experience the fun of Splatoon without being treated like your mom still pick out your clothes! The best part about it is that its all free, so go and download TF2 today and enjoy!

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