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Published June 7, 2018

I thought after we actually got to try out Crackdown 3 at the Microsoft booth at E3 last year, there might be hope that the game would actually come out. Well, I was wrong as the title developed by Sumo Digital once again got delayed to at least 2019 according to sources.

Crackdown 3 originally got revealed in 2014, so you can imagine the frustrations of gamers as it’s about to be year 5 of development for a game many thought shouldn’t take this long. They even had Terry Crews in the trailer last year! Crackdown 3 was touted to show what the Xbox One cloud can truly do with rendering destruction, but after the build I played last year I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Microsoft needs all of the first-party help it can get, as the latest game to come out with mild success has been Sea of Thieves. Other games have already been canceled like Scalebound and Fable Legends. Hopefully next year this game can FINALLY see the light of day.



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