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Published July 4, 2018

It’s the time again where Jojo, Steven, & I come together to review the all-new Dragon Ball Anime. This time around we are here discussing the Prison Planet Saga. Now the Dragon Ball Heroes might sound a little familiar and that’s because it’s a card game overseas that never hit American soil. Now the premises is where all of your favorite Dragon Ball characters come together in one world hence why we saw SSGSS Blue Goku vs SS4 Goku (first time he has appeared in 20 years). There will be cannon & non-cannon characters so expect to see all your favorite villains from the Dragon Ball movies.

This week is the first episode where we see SSGSS Goku Vs SS4 Goku and you best believe the crew and I have a lot to say. Let us know what you think of our review of the first episode!

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