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Published November 5, 2015

A 2.3 gigabyte update for the Street Fighter 5 beta just dropped for PlayStation 4 users, and it adds a tutorial mode to the game.

This tutorial walks players through the very basics of fighting games, plus a few specific things for SF5. It starts off with simply moving forward to the opponent, then covers things like high and low attacks, along with how to block.

This is all presented with a story, which features Gouken, along with Ken and Ryu in their Street Fighter Alpha costumes.

Once the tutorial ends, that’s apparently all of the new content that’s currently available, as it jumps you back to the title screen. You can only play the tutorial one time after that you will get the infamous connection to server lost error.

You can find screen shots below and video below

04_sf5betatutorial01 04_sf5betatutorial02 04_sf5betatutorial03 04_sf5betatutorial04 04_sf5betatutorial05 04_sf5betatutorial06 04_sf5betatutorial07 04_sf5betatutorial08 04_sf5betatutorial09 04_sf5betatutorial10 04_sf5betatutorial11

Capcom Why you tease us like that

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