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Published March 2, 2017

Since the release of Snapchat’s Spectacles, people were going crazy for the latest camera. And what was cool about it was that Snapchat started releasing them by doing pop-up shops around the main cities to catch a buzz. After a successful introduction, Snapchat released them to the public. Now first reported by The New York Times it seems that they are currently working on drones.

With Drones possibly being introduced by Snapchat, it shows the potential of the company. And shows the advancement of technology. After the released Snap continues to rise via stocks and going very well. With the companies success, I see no reason why Snapchat Drones wouldn’t take off. Imagine showing your friends an aerial view of a nice vacation spot.

Once further developments have been released we will be sure to update everyone. Interested in learning more about Snapchats Spectacles, check out this previous post.

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