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Published January 5, 2017

With an earlier announcement today at Hi-Rez Expo, came the news of the studio’s latest title for PC and mobile, Smite Rivals, the will be a free to play game.

Word is that Smite Rivals is a card arena game, taking characters and concepts from the Hi Rez’s popular MOBA, Smite. Players will choose a god along with a deck, and play against an opponent in real-time. With a similar style to the game, the cards are played on three lanes, sending units or minions to attack the enemy towers. From there, the players would go on to fight and destroy the enemy’s god.

Hi Rez has made an attempt at the mobile market before with Jetpack Fighter but with the huge success of games like Hearthstone, they’re trying their hand at mobile card games.

For those curious about the game, you can sign for the beta with the link below and can also check out the trailer as well.

Sign up for the Smite Rivals beta:

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