Smite God Reveal – Amaterasu

  • @PetitionYT i thought it was a fox

  • @VisuaIProwess there’s a guy name after ur jutsu congrats

  • Marcus Pollack

    I was thinking the move from Naruto.

  • Bosco Jenkins

    Played her on the PTS. She’s pretty strong.

  • Javar Zephyr McCloud

    Manuel Zuniga Donnie Cross Adrian Anaya

    • Adrian Anaya

      Me and Manuel Zuniga watched it last night she seems fun her special is cool

  • Donnie Cross

    Saw it yesterday really excited

  • Dolphinxv (KiiDMaGiiK)

    Welp I just found my new main
    I love samurais and katana blades

  • A True Mangaka