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Published August 21, 2018

While today gamers can relive Shenmue I and II as the re-release hit store shelves, at Gamescom 2018 Yu Suzuki and the team over at YS Net finally gave us a release date for Shenmue 3! It’s been three long years since the game was originally announced with the Kickstarter, but the only updates we heard since then were related to delays and announcements aboutĀ NOT coming to E3.

Not only do we have a release date set forĀ August 27th, 2019, we also get a new trailer. The graphics still look a little dated, but longtime fans of the series will not be complaining one bit. Hopefully, there are no more setbacks and this release date will be set in stone. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’re still excited.



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