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Published April 10, 2019

Anime fans rejoice! The Seven Deadly Sins series is not going anywhere anytime soon. A new chapter in the franchise has been announced and it’s called Wrath Of The Gods. According to our snitch, Seven Deadly Sins Wrath Of The Gods will be switching production studios. The first two seasons were done by Studio A-1 Pictures, but Wrath Of The Gods will be handled by Studio Deen.

This show has two seasons and film under its belt, so switching studios is an interesting move. Should you be worried? Probably not. A quick search taught me that Studio DEEN has some heavy hitters under their belt. They’re responsible for shows such as Rurouni Kenshin, Fate/stay night and a long list of other shows. No word on if this will count as the third season or if this is a spinoff project, but we do know Wrath Of The Gods will be directed by Susumu Nishizawa.

All voice actors will be reprising their roles, so at least there will be some familiarity. Wrath Of The Gods is slated to drop fall 2019. Anyone looking forward to this one?


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