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Published April 12, 2020

So if a remake of Resident Evil 2 and 3 weren’t enough for you, then know there could be more on the way. Rumors have begun to surface that Capcom is already working on a total rehaul of the Gamecube/PS2 classic. According to our plug, this remake will be headed by M-Studios. M-Studios is a new studio that branched off from PlatinumGames. Currently, this remake is rumored to drop in 2022.

If you’re familiar with PlatinumGames know that they’re the team behind hits such as Bayonetta, Nier: Automata and the late great Scalebound. I just hope that Capcom doesn’t get too high off these remakes. Three is enough. We’re entering a new era of consoles and it’s time for some new IP’s to bless the community. That being said keep in mind that this news hasn’t been confirmed by Capcom, so take it with a grain of salt.

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  1. Please …. NO …. please don’ do this

  2. @Mr_iKeepitreal Could be for re imagining 6 cause that was a huge let down. 5 was okay but not as terrifying. 🤔 Never know tho.

  3. Can we get a new take on the res series. Like the remake was cool the first time after I played it nostalgia doesn’t cut it for me like others especially when ur dropping 60something for a game

  4. Like if you don’t like the new one then go play classics RE4 I would love to see a remake 👌

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