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Published September 19, 2018

Things are looking for PUBG these days. Fortnite swept the rug from up under BlueHole over the past 12 months and there’s a new threat on the horizon; Black Ops 4’s Black Out mode! People really seem to love Treyarch’s take on battle royale. So what’s the next play with a third BR game pushing into the BR territory? Doing what should have been done a LONG time ago!

Expanding to more platforms! Rumors are surfacing that Player Unknown’s Battleground could come to the PS4. Our informant revealed that the Korean Ratings Board (the Korean version of ESRB) recently released a rating for the PUBG on PS4. Problem is there is no PUBG on PS4. Industry folks expect to see a PS4 reveal at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show or during the PlayStation Experience.

Do PS4 players care or is it too late?


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