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Published April 6, 2019

I’m not 100% sure whether or not this is good news or not, but I do know it’s news. Our snitch has informed us that Microsoft plans on making some drastic changes to its online pricing. We’re being told that they’re looking to bring together the old and the new into one package to lure in new customers.

We’re specifically talking about Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. Reports claim it will set users back $15 a month. Microsoft has yet to comment on this rumor, but it’s said this new combo service is to be announced alongside the new disc-less Xbox One S next month. So what does this mean for your wallet? It means you’d be saving $5 a month if you purchased this combo pack instead of each service individually.

Nothing crazy in terms of the savings department, but it’s better than nothing I guess right? If they continue to improve the game pass service with more games this deal could be something special. Just keep in mind Microsoft has confirmed nothing. This is all still a rumor at this point. Time shall reveal the truth.

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