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Published January 2, 2016

Someone sent me something interesting yesterday on Twitter. It’s a tweet from popular Killer Instinct community ran Twitter @Ki_Central. In it, the tweet read that if you own a Xbox One & are interested in Killer Instinct just buy it now. Why? The game is cross-buy meaning if you get it for the Xbox One, you’ll also get it for the PC.

They also claimed in this tweet that KI would be hitting the PC platform this March. This matches the tweets from Phil Spencer last week where he claimed we’d see KI & Gears on PC early 2016. So the question now is @Ki_Central on to something? I don’t trust this twitter page, so I’ll chalk this up to a maybe for now.

On a side note, if this cross-buy thing is real, then you’re in luck! Killer Instinct Season One is free on Xbox One this month. That means you should get it on PC for free as well. I wonder? For the people who don’t own Xbox One, but 360. Could they just run to a friends house and download KI to their XBL account, then get it free on PC later?

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