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Published October 20, 2017

Just in time for TwitchCon, where every streamer and up in coming streamer meet to discuss and just have a fun time, Razer is constantly thinking about ways to make your streaming experience better.

I thought their last webcam The Stargazer was going to be revolutionary, but it ultimately did not do the job well of removing the background. Here’s round two for Razer as they just revealed the Razer Kiyo, a webcam that has a light ring around it. This is perfect for a streamer that is either on a budget or just needs some extra light when streaming their favorite game.

I don’t know about you, but for me when I stream I stream in a dark room. Before I got my green screen setup, it was hard to see me on the stream if I wanted to play in the dark. Now with the Kiyo it shines a light in your direction and illuminates your face so you won’t have that problem again

Specs for the Kiyo includes:

  • 1080p resolution at 30fps
  • 720p resolution at 60 fps
  • Supports popular streaming platforms like OBS and XSplit
  • Image resolution of 4 megapixels

The webcam only costs $99 and is available to purchase right now

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