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Published May 30, 2018

It’s no secret that Fortnite is the hottest game on the planet. This time last year it was PUBG. The most interesting thing about this rivalry is most people don’t know that Fortnite was in development for five years. It was originally a zombie tower defense game that’s now called “Save the world”. Save The World was failing, so Epic made a pivot and threw five years of work out the window to create a makeshift Battle Royale mode for Fortnite.

CLEARLY, PUBG was the inspiration for that audible on Epic’s game plan and they feel some type of way about it. So what’s the solution? The Korea Time reports that Blue Hole is claiming that Fortnite straight ripped them off. This lawsuit is only going on in Korea seeing as that’s where PUBG is made. It’s up to the Seoul Central District Court to determine the fate of these two games.

One of their main complaints is Fortnite using PUBG’s name when they first announced their battle royale. Obviously the gameplay too. I just don’t know if this lawsuit will stick. You can’t really claim a game mode. That would make the industry for the worst. Think of all the games that had Horde mode after Gears? Or how many games have TDM? Honestly, this is Bluehole’s fault. Should have spent those resources fixing your game faster. I’m not a Fortnite fan, but it is free to play and runs better than PUBG.

Should be interesting how this plays out in court!

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