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Published July 29, 2019

Remember when PUBG was angry with Epic Games for “stealing” their Battle Royale idea shortly after PUBG was the most popular BR game while using the Unreal Engine? I remember because I’ve been keeping up with it, but many may have forgotten quickly because the case never went anywhere. During an interview with Brian Corrigan, the PUBG Corp studio director, he mentions how PUBG and Fortnite have turned into two quite different games, though they can learn lessons from one another.

Brian also mentions in the interview that Epic is “one of our best partners”. I wonder what changed their tune because a year ago they filed a lawsuit against Epic Games for copyright infringement. Funny that the lawsuit went nowhere because PUBG had no case. Even funnier is that Epic Games and PUBG Corp both are in bed with Tencent. I guess after a while they decided to make up and drop the lawsuit. This news also comes RIGHT AFTER Epic had theirĀ Fortnite World Cup and gave the top guy a whopping 3 million dollars. Maybe PUBG can get to that level one day.

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