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Published May 7, 2019

If you’re a PS4 gamer on a budget who also happens to love EA games, then know something you might like is coming your way. It’s EA’s “EA Access” program. Previously exclusive to the Xbox; EA Access allows people to play a bunch of EA games, early access to EA games & discounts for a monthly fee.

The current fee is $5 a month or $30 a year. The program will be available on PS4 July 2019. In the press release, EA’s VP said

“As we continue to invest in digital and subscription services, bringing our games to even more people across both consoles is an exciting opportunity for everyone. Our goal is to give players more choice to try and play our games wherever and however they choose and we’re happy to bring the service to PlayStation 4.”

If you’re on the fence about a lot of EA games, then this is a decent option. $5 is easier on the wallet to test out games like Jedi Fallen Order or Titanfall 2. No exact release was given, but I’m sure will get more info at EA Play 2019 about the July release.


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  1. So if I have it on Xbox I gotta pay another 5 to have it on ps4 too…..

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