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Published March 21, 2019

While Respawn dropped Apex and successfully split the market again with Battle Royale lovers, EA and DICE don’t want you to forget about their own BR mode calledĀ Firestorm coming next week March 25th. Today marks the official gameplay trailer, letting you know everything that’s in store for the latest Battle Royale game mode.

As far as a BR game goes, the main rules and gameplay look pretty standard. Where Firestorm differs comes from the map size, which is 10 times bigger than theĀ Hamada map. Vehicles play a huge part in the game, as there are 17 vehicles to choose from including tanks and helicopters. The firestorm itself AKA “The Circle” actually destroys everything it touches, including buildings. There are also a load of resupply objectives and random supply drops which include “killstreaks” and even tanks if you get lucky.

From the trailer, this looks like the Battlefield experience people were asking for. The only thing that people may be disappointed by is the fact that this game mode is not free. You will need to own BF5 in order to play. Will you give this BR mode a try?

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