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Published May 15, 2015

Last month, YouTuber azuresakuga created a animated video in which he pits some of his favorite characters against each other in a fast paced battle. It features characters from Pokemon, Digimon, Kill la Kill, Full Metal Alchemist, and more. In response to his videos success, azuresakuga stated the following, translated by Rocket News 24:

“Hello, Azure here.

The project I’ve spent an entire year on is finally complete. I started on March 13, 2014 when the YouTube drawing contest was announced. Myself and all other contributors to this are not professionals in any way, we’re just amateurs. Even though we had no idea what we were doing at times, we somehow finally managed to complete it.

My goal with the piece was to animate some of my favorite characters as I remember them.

* I just want to respond to some comments. The animation was not drawn by tracing. You can watch the video that explains how it was created here.

Also, thank you everyone! I can’t believe this has gotten over 10,000 views. I’m in shock….”

If you want to see how azuresakuga made this video, check out the video below.

Read more about this fan made animation courtesy of our source.

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