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Published April 16, 2018

After randomly being transported to another world Subaru quickly realizes that whenever he dies he respawns at various save points in his past. Thus through death and suffering, Subaru endures all hell for the betterment of those he cares about as he travels and learns of the new world he now lives in.

Re: Zero another anime about living in a fantasy world surpassed the expectations of many with it’s solid plot filled with a few twists, dark and twisted themes, lovable supporting characters, and action which when wrapped together gave us a great anime and one of my favorites. You too can experience this great anime by purchasing the Blu-ray or DVD of Season one part one from funimation by clicking here.
This Blu-ray/DVD only covers the first 12 episodes which is technically 13 because there is a 1A and 1B episode.

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