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Published March 21, 2017

Word on the street is that Blizzard could potentially be introducing a map editor to Overwatch. News came from game director Jeff Kaplan. A post on a thread from the official Overwatch forums, Kaplan said that the development team was “open-minded” to the idea of the feature but noted there are challenges that they would have to overcome first.

A quote from Jeff Kaplan:

“We are extremely open-minded about releasing a map editor for Overwatch someday‚Ķ But because Overwatch was made with a brand new engine, this is not a small task or one which can happen anytime soon.”

Kaplan also stated that Blizzard has a “long-term road map” for Overwatch with a focus on user made content.

So for those Overwatch fans out there, what do you think of Blizzard adding a map editor to the game? At times playing on the same maps day in and day out could be a bit boring and adding some custom content could add some more flare to the already highly popular game. But do you all think this would be a good move by Blizzard?

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