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Published August 16, 2018

During my trip to Las Vegas for EVO, I came across a new fighting game named Omen of Sorrow.  Omen of Sorrow has 12 characters based off mythology with a lil twist.  1st glance you would think Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat had a love child.  While I was there I got to play test the game and enter a tournament and was instantly HOOKED!

I got a chance to talk to the developers about Omen of Sorrow and have them break the mechanics down.  So when this news broke about the release date I was happy to hear that it will release on November 6th exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Omen of Sorrow will be using the Popular GGPO rollback netcode that was used in games like Skullgirls and its very similar to Killer Instinct, The best net code hands down!  Omen of Sorrow will also have single player mode as well.

Yo peep the trailer and ENJOY!!!!

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