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Published June 11, 2015

2882085-rift+touch1 2882088-rift+touch3The Oculus Rift has recently announced its Q1 2016 release,but they won’t stop there. Oculus has now released a controller with interesting features and an interesting design, The Oculus comes with all the standard buttons you would find on a traditional controller, but with the addition of a motion tracking ring that can register hand signals like, a wave, a thumbs, or even the middle finger. These come in a set of two much like the Wii’s nun-chucks. If you want and honest opinion, this is one hell of a gamble, but if the device actually works out then, it may be an amazing piece of technology and a game changer for VR. The price tag on this accessory is going to be even more interesting than the design. Lets hope they don’t try and charge us another half of an Oculus. In terms of trying this out lets hope Oculus Rift brings it’s new Touch to the E3.Great tech, but great price? We’ll find out, so make sure to check back for more of that Oculus news!


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