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Published June 12, 2019

Travis Touchdown is finally back as Nintendo reveals No More Heroes III for the Switch at E3. Its been nearly ten years since No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggles for the Nintendo Wii and it will be by the time this game comes out as the only hint at a release date we got was the year 2020.

    The action-adventure hack and slasher is one of the edgier franchises Nintendo has in the bag seeing that both of the previous iterations of the franchise were rated for a mature audience. So games like this and Bayonetta (even though we got no information on Bayonetta 3 at E3) are still getting some love today even with Nintendo’s kid friendly image.

    Are you guys pumped for the return of Travis Touchdown? I know I am and hopefully with this news Travis could nab a spot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate alongside Banjo-Kazooie and Hero from Dragon Quest.

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