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Published October 29, 2015

I got some good and bad news for you today. The good news is Nintendo’s first mobile title is called Miitomo. The bad news is Nintendo won’t be releasing any mobile games until March 2016. This might sound weird because just days ago they were talking about releasing on by the end of 2015. Sorry folks that’s not happening.

Now let us talk Miitomo. According to our source, this game will be free to play with the option to purchase microtransactions. Miitomo allows gamers Mii’s to contact one another and start up conversations. This game is supposed to help deepen friendships for those who are afraid to be social.

You’ll need to create a new “Nintendo Account” to play any of their mobile games, and all communication between Mii’s are done through what Nintendo is touting as their “safe & secure” communication app. Now my question is, how does any of this translate to fun? My Mii can now start a conversation with another nearby Mii? Oh wow! Can we at least get some mini games or something? Bye Nintendo.

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