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Published June 1, 2017

The Nintendo Switch is selling like hotcakes amongst their core fanbase, but I feel like Nintendo still has a lot to prove to extend their reach.

Online functionality is one of the areas they still have a lot to prove themselves in. During the reveal event, Nintendo revealed The Switch would be capable of online chat, but via cell phone.

Today we get our first look at what that smartphone voice chat setup looks like. Don’t get too excited because it looks like people are going to be tripping over cords all day just to get into party chat with a buddy.

This headset comes from Japanese manufacturer Hori. They created a Splatoon 2 themed headset and honestly, it looks fine design wise. It’s the setup that looks like a nightmare.

According to our snitch, you have to plug their headset into an adapter. That adapter then connects to your smartphone and Nintendo Switch. Hori released a string of tweets explaining their headset. They translate to

“Further input from this headset, and smart phones and games consoles to mix and a voice chat while listening to games! Neon pink ear cups are also included and can be replaced in the favorite color.”

Imagine the battery management it takes to get voice chat on The Switch. Not only do you have to deal with the excessive cords, but you have to make sure your phone & Switch tablet are charged to voice chat. Also, does this adapter run off batteries? I couldn’t find any info on that. Something is powering it, right?

Below are some images of the headset. The thumbnail of this article is the actual setup chart. Anyone reading owns a switch? Let us know what you think about this setup in the comment section below. You dealing with this or just using Discord?

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