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Published July 10, 2019

I guess it’s safe to say Nintendo is slowly but surely phasing out the 3DS. Today they announced that a new Switch is being added to the Switch family. They’re calling it the Switch Lite. The focus of this device is portability. According to the reports, the Switch Lite features a 5.5-inch screen, three colors and is 0.61llbs lighter than the original.

They’ve also removed key features such as the option to dock the Switch to your TV, the removal of Joycons, motion controls, and HD Rumble. As someone who travels I’m not upset with them making a smaller device or the removal of Joycons or Rumbles because I don’t use any of that.

I will say it would have been nice if we could still dock the device when you’re not on the move. Hopefully will see improved battery life as well since so many features have been gutted. The Nintendo Switch Lite will retail for $199. The launch date is September 20th, 2019 just in time for the new Pokemon video. Check out the reveal video below.

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