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Published July 23, 2018

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that emulators for your favorite game consoles of the past have been around for decades now on PC. While the emulators themselves are technically not illegal, the main problem that companies who made the consoles themselves (Nintendo, Sega, Sony, etc) have are the ROMS “AKA Games” themselves. These are completely illegal to actually play on the emulators unless you physically own the games themselves. This hasn’t stopped people from playing their favorite games on the various emulators that are out there, and unless you actually get investigated there is no way to prove you own said games.

Now that Nintendo has brought out the NES and SNES Classics over the last year, they are formally taking action against ROM websites that allow people to download their games according to our source. Nintendo says they are a brazen and mass-scale infringement on Nintendo’s intellectual property rites.”

One website called has already been taken down. Another website called has taken all Nintendo games off of their website. Depending on how many games both websites have (they’re owned by the same person), the lawsuit could reach up to $100 million. If you have any ROMS you want, better get them now because Nintendo (and other companies) might follow suit with other ROM websites.

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