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Published March 14, 2017

Sega revealed some gameplay footage of Green Hill Zone Act 2 for the new up and coming Sonic The Hedgehog game Sonic Mania. Sonic Mania will be available for the PS4, Xbox  One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, but still no word on an official release date. Green Hill Zone in Sonic Mania looks very similar to the classic Green Hill Zone from the first Sonic The Hedgehog released on the Sega Genesis. From the looks of it, the background has changed a bit, and instead of being above ground looks like Sonic and Tail might be in a cave this time around.

For any Sonic fans, I could imagine seeing Green Hill Zone takes you back as it does for myself. This one of the multiple ways this game continues to pay homage to earlier Sonic The Hedgehog games. As further Sonic Mania news continues  to come in we will be sure to update everyone.

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