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Published November 5, 2015

One of the few surprises to hit the press the past few months is the Attack On Titan video game. Never been a huge fan of the anime, but even I thought this was a great idea for a video game. We got a couple trailers with a little gameplay, but that was months ago. It’s been radio silence since. Today we have some new news. According to reports, there will be a special edition of the game released that’s referred to as the “treasure box“. This treasure box will contain

  • Official Investigation Record Collection.
  • Attack on Titan Game Soundtrack.
  • Mikasa’s Scarf.
  • Eren, Mikasa and Levi Tin Badges (x2)
  • Exclusive Costume DLC.

Other new details include free roaming, weapon management, gas management, equipment switching and new weapons we’ve never seen in the anime before. Here’s the exact quote from our source.

“Famitsu also details new information about the 3DMG that lets you swing around freely throughout the inner walls. When you swing around and take on the Titans, you’ll have a gas meter that’ll let you know when you need to refill your gas tubes. You’ll also need to replace your blades since they’ll get less sharp through your interactions with the titans. You’ll be able to switch your equipment, and the game is even going to have weapons that we haven’t seen yet in the anime (and possibly the manga.)”

Also, check out the new screenshots. The game is looking decent.

Update: New trailer dropped

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