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Published April 2, 2019

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 battle royale “Blackout” is finally getting a new map, and it’s out TODAY! Well, it’s only out for PlayStation 4, and it will come out later on for the other platforms. Now yesterday was April fools day, so people thought maybe this was a joke but it is official. Alcatraz will be the new map and some of you OG Zombies players will recognize the map from Mob Of The Dead from Black Ops 2. Check out the trailer down below and tell us your thoughts!



Along with the new Blackout map, Activision also announced that the Battle Royale mode will be free for the month of April starting today. I feel this is the best move for them with the biggest BR games (Fortnite, Apex) being free to play. Maybe if they can find a spike in player base this month, they might make Blackout free forever.



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