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Published July 31, 2019

EA has been in a weird space this year. During E3 and EA Play, the gaming giant had little to nothing to show (basically Star Wars and Madden). It left fans wondering where some of their other franchises were (Live and Need for Speed). Both of these franchises have been absolutely quiet and secretive with their latest endeavors, and Live will most likely not get any public showing according to our most recent news. Need for Speed, on the other hand, will get a public reveal at Gamescom according to an investor report.

That’s pretty much it! Kind of weird that we find out about new games through a 2020 fiscal report, but it sounds like EA is walking on eggshells after Anthem had a terrible launch. Other games that have been getting news is a new Plants Vs. Zombies game coming this year as well. Are you excited about a new EA racing game on the way?

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