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Published June 10, 2017

Today during EA Play, NBA Live 18 debuted their reveal trailer showcasing the customization for your players, animations and the moniker: Your Player, Your Choices, Your Legacy.

Also shown was the Pro Am aspect of the game which was the only saving grace if there were any from NBA Live 16, but the one thing that many of us caught was the stiff animations that Live has suffered from for years. This may not be a complete deal breaker but we all can understand if the graphics aren’t in the league of 2K, but the gameplay has got to be an improvement from the last game.

Image result for nba live 18

It does appear that Live has made strides of improvement but we said the same thing when Live 16 came out but hopefully this time around they’ve gotten it right especially with a few months to tweak and improve the flaws.

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