NBA 2K19’s Cutscenes Will Be Skippable 🙏🏿

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  1. nick nick says:

    The best piece of game news I’ve seen all year I think 😂😂

  2. yet microtransactions still kill the vibe

  3. How did it take them to develop that . LMAO

  4. They had it in 2k16 n I think 17

  5. @Dom_2k Any money during the loading screen for skipping there will be a advertisement

  6. Yo completely unrelated but I was at that escalator in Toronto that’s crazy 😮
    (no one caress 😭)

  7. Even though human hair wigs nevertheless good (we are nevertheless in the 80’s!!!) – they may be excellent for hockey online games and stylin’ though cheering over the residence workforce!!!

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