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Published August 15, 2018

Per the general roadmap of 2K releases, here is the second trailer in theĀ NBA 2K19 reveal tour forĀ MyTeam. While I’m not a fan of this mode, this is the bread and butter of how 2K gets their money. People will spend hundreds of dollars every year to get the virtual currency needed to create the ultimate team and go against others online. 2K takes MyTeam very seriously and always spends extra time to make sure this mode is polished.

In this year’s iteration, you can now play a 3-on-3 mode either single player or online. You can also find a new triple threat and triple threat online game modes. There will be all new cards and packs for you to collect so you can dominate your opponents. Are you ready for September 7th to get your hands on this?



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