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Published September 14, 2016

For all of those who have seen the latest installment in the X-Men series, Apocalypse, the post credit scene was, in fact, a teaser for the appearance of a classic X-Men villain coming shortly.

Now if you don’t quite remember the scene, a group of men are walking through Alkali Lake led by a man with glasses in a business suit. The man in the glasses walks into the room where Wolverine was being held and goes into one of the cabinets, grabbing the blood/DNA of Weapon or as we know him, Wolverine. The man puts this sample in a briefcase, one the briefcase we see that the men are representatives from the infamous Essex Corp., owned by Nathaniel Essex or Mister Sinister for those familiar with the comics.

According to local rat, in an audio commentary that came with the release of the digital version of the movie, Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer discussed the post-credits scene and that they had initially planned to tease Deadpool 2 but decided to throw the idea away but instead confirmed that Mister Sinister is set to appear in Wolverine 3. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, we now have an idea of who is going to be the main villain of the upcoming film. Now I’m not too familiar with Mister Sinister, but I’m going to assume that this guy is going to be a problem.

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