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Published February 25, 2020

Looks like Pax East will have even less of a AAA video game studio presence this year due to the HUGE scare of the Coronavirus. Sony was the first company to back out of Pax, and this is a big deal because they were supposed to have the first public playable demo of The Last of Us 2. Immediately following suit with Sony, Capcom announced they will not be involved in the Monster Hunter Festa event. Next came Square Enix, which will have no Japanese staff attending the show. This also includes Final Fantasy developer and fan sessions being canceled according to our source.

This has led the mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh to plead with Sony to come back to Pax East. He stated, “These fears reinforce harmful stereotypes that generations of Asians have worked hard to dismantle.” Pax East is one of the biggest events to come to Boston each year, and decreasing any type of presence at the event would also deter people who paid their hard-earned money for a pass from attending as well.

The Coronavirus is also affecting GDC (Game Developers Conference) this year as Playstation, Facebook, Kojima Productions, and EA have all pulled out of the event. What I fear is that the Coronavirus scare will continue throughout the year and affect E3, Evo, Tokyo Game Show, Gamescom, and Pax West. What do you think about the decisions that the video game companies have made regarding these events?

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  1.' 3vilboss

    I dont think its a racial issue its people fearing for their health. The thing literally has no cure out yet. Also without a doubt i believe there was a case in boston of some one having coronavirus – covid-19. I could be wrong though i just want all of yall to stay safe out there.

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