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Published February 23, 2017

You can expect the hit series Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans to have an English dub out on Crunchyroll soon according to them. The show’s English dub will premiere on Crunchyroll February 28th and 5 new episodes will be released each Tuesday. Yes, 5 NEW EPISODES PER WEEK! Iron-Blooded Orphans currently is in nearing the end of its second season and as a fan of the series, I recommend any mech lover to watch this show.

The story follows a group of children soldiers searching for their own place to call home in the solar system while throwing in a bunch of giant robots and the usual politics that comes with the Gundam title. The story has a strong plot, fleshed out characters, enjoyable side characters, interesting politics that doesn’t overwhelm you but keep you interested, and great fighting moments that will have you at the edge of your seat. The only thing that could possibly make this anime any better would be if the multiple love interests and their stories where more compelling but when you’re dealing with a bunch of orphan kids and teenagers fighting the government who has time for love. Not to hype you up about this anime, but I do feel like it’s not being praised enough for providing a strong narrative, enticing characters, and heartwarming and heartbreaking moments.

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