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Published April 29, 2016

Over Pax East 2016 I had the opportunity to play Mekazoo which is a 2D side scroller with 3D environments! This game immediately gave me a nostalgic feel as I continued to use my armadillo character rev up to get me to a higher platform. I was immediately reminded of my all time favorite character Sonic The Hedgehog. The fresh twist with this game is users will have the ability to change to a different animal at any moment to help you reach the boss at the end. The transition is clean and smooth, and once you get the hang of it, you won’t even think twice. You can become an Armadillo, Frog, Wallaby, Panda, and Pelican! These animals have their own unique abilities.Check out the website for future articles. If you want to find out more about the game check out their website here.


Game Features:

  • Use pairs of Mekanimals to swing, boost, bounce, climb and fly through fast and flowy platforming environments.
  • Take on an insectoid army, and overcome the many challenges that lie ahead.
  • Defeat Gigantic Mekanimal Bosses to unlock their power.
  • Collect shiny medals, sparkling gems, and bountiful Mekaballs for wondrous rewards.
  • Explore a variety of lush environments inside and out, and discover the secrets of the Mekanasphere.





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