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Published September 4, 2015

20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment have started development on a movie based on an iconic video game character. Mega Man is officially on his way to the big screen.

Now its no secret that there hasn’t been much success in converting video games to hollywood blockbusters, I refuse to mention the movie based on a popular plumber, but keep in mind that Chernin Entertainment is the ones who made the more recent Planet of the Apes films and Oblivion.

Mega Man surely can do better than this right?

Resident Evil might be the most successful video game franchise movie to hit the screens but I’d be lying if i didn’t think one of the 8-bit icons would eventually be the star of the silver screen and who knows maybe Mega Man can do it. Of course in cinema you need a good story and these writers don’t have much to work with in Mega Man. The official video game story is Dr. Light built Mega Man to be his assist to help him with laboratory duties. Dr. Light was then betrayed by Dr. Wily who steals his work and made evil robots with special weapons to take over the world. Dr. Light then turns his new robot lab assistant into a weapon Mega Man with his new abilities that can absorb weapons from his defeated opponents. Video Game history was made but can that be enough for a solid script?

Good luck Hollywood and don’t destroy Mega Man like you did Street Fighter!

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