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Published September 11, 2018

Insomniac Games noticed how fast people were beating Marvel’s Spider-Man that they just released, So they are going to be adding a New Game Plus feature. I find this news funny because Ethos and I were just talking about how this game would be perfect for a New Game Plus feature.

Insomniac Games announced this on twitter when a fan asked about the feature.

When Ethos and I were talking about how it would be a perfect game to do this too, We recognized how fast we beat the game and how easy the enemies were. Hopefully, They find a way to make the game replayable when they add the upcoming feature. They can add a new suit if you beat the game on New Game Plus which would be a good reason to try to beat the game on New Game Plus. If you are looking for a harder difficulty to beat the game this will be for you.  They are working on polishing the feature this means there isn’t a release date to it. Photo mode can entertain me till then.

This game is still incredible so if you haven’t played it or thinking about it, Just do it. It is worth every penny in my opinion. Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now only on PlayStation 4!

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