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Published October 23, 2018

Marvel’s Spider-Man was a huge hit when it came out right away and people were waiting for some new content. The Heist DLC is out now which adds Black Cat and tons of new amazing missions, and new suits.

Today PlayStation released their trailer for the DLC to show a little more of what you can expect in the DLC. It looks like new missions such as fighting alongside Black Cat and also new side missions that it looks like you be using the remote spider to disable bombs in the city. The trailer is once again narrated by J. Jonah Jameson talking in his radio show about how he is spending time with Black Cat and insulting Spider-Man saying, “Stop thinking with your web shooters”.

The next DLC doesn’t drop until November which will be called Turf Wars and I think we get a hint of what is coming in that in this DLC. We hear  J. Jonah Jameson talking about how Spider-Man should be more focused on the gang war that is happening in today’s trailer. Well, go ahead check out the new trailer below and enjoy Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist DLC which is out now only on PlayStation 4.


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